As Telegram grows in size, so does crypto traders’ dependence on the app

In the past few years, the crypto community has relied on social media sites like Twitter or messaging apps like Discord and Telegram to interact. But some say Telegram is the ultimate hub for communication and information — an imperative place to be in the crypto community.

“Telegram usage is the bedrock of the crypto community,” the founder of Telegram channel unfolded, who goes by the username nakamotocat, said to TechCrunch. “Projects have come and go, players have risen and fallen, but much of the discourse between various projects and market participants resides on Telegram, and that remains a constant.”

Nakamotocat began using Telegram in early 2017 after a friend recommended they sign up for it to meet and learn from like-minded people in crypto. About a year later, nakamotocat formed the “unfolded” channel to provide crypto market insights. Today, the channel has117,000 members.

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