Black Friday & Cyber Monday GoPro Deals 2017

Shopping for a new GoPro this Black Friday? We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals on GoPro’s range of action cameras, including their new Hero 5 Black camera. This page will be continually updated with the best deals.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 GoPro deals haven’t been announced yet. This page will continue to be updated with links to GoPro deals. We’ll let you know as soon as Black Friday 2017 GoPro deals are revealed.

Best GoPro Deals

The tables above are being updated with links to the best Black Friday deal for each different GoPro. The deals tracker below is being constantly updated as new deals are revealed throughout Black Friday weekend.

Best Action Camera Deals

And here’s our recommendations for the best action camera deals. A lot cheaper than GoPro, often these cameras have cameras that are just as good, it’s just their brands are a little less established. We’ve shortlisted our cameras based on reliability, camera quality and battery life.

Key Features of Action Cameras

  • Camera Performance – you’ll want at least 720P HD video for recording action sports and capturing neccessary details
  • Durability – most action cameras live inside a protected shell, but the quality of these varies a lot and some are more resistant than others.
  • Battery – the battery life on action cameras varies from 30 minutes on cheaper models to several hours of recording on the best cameras.

Why Buy an Action Camera on Black Friday 2016?

If you’re passionate about extreme sports and love to ski, snowboard, surf or even skydive then an action camera is your perfect companion. They allow you to capture first person views of adrenaline seeking moments, and share them with your friends and family. There compact size makes them easy to attach to helmets, boards and bikes to give a real sense of being in the moment.

Action cameras have revolutionised the sports video industry in 2016.

In 2017 there’s been a whole host of new brands entering the market. Long time market leaders GoPro have come out with new offerings, such as the Go Pro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session, and these will no doubt be the biggest sellers on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017. Rival companies offer some really impressive cameras though – you can pick up a HD action camera that will stand the test of time for less than $100. We’re expecting massive reductions on action cameras for the Black Friday weekend this year – which is stretching out for five days as retailers prepare to offer bigger discounts than ever before.

Action Camera Buying Guide

Here at Deal Tomato we’ve judged action cameras based on their battery life, resistance and durability as well as their camera specs. Battery life is an important issue if you’re planning on spending the day out on the mountain/in the water and won’t be able to recharge your device for a period. Some action cameras ship with spare batteries, and if they don’t we recommend picking one up as they weigh next to nothing and can double your filming time. The worst scenario is to miss out on recording your most epic moment because your camera battery has given up on you.


Resistance and durability is important for those who participate in sports that verge on the extreme – surfing, skydiving and skiing included. If you’re going to be subjecting your action cam to the elements then it needs to have a waterproof, tight sealing case. Companies like GoPro provide this, whereas some cheaper models are less well-made and may leak after heavy use.

Camera quality is another important consideration. If you want to record in stunning 4K HD then your best bet is a GoPro Hero 5 or Hero 4 Silver. These top of the range cameras provide unparalleled video recording quality and really make you feel like you’re in the moment when watching footage back. Generally anything over 1080P will make for impressive footage. Check the quality of the lens before buying too.