Cyber Monday Smartwatch Deals 2016

Smartwatches are one of the must have accessories of 2016 for tech lovers. We’ve been tracking the best Cyber Monday smartwatch deals of 2016 to help you find the perfect watch. We’ve broken the deals down into three categories: smartwatches with GPS, with cameras and with speakers.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 are over. This page will continue to be updated with links to deals.

Hottest Smartwatch Deals

Smartwatch with GPS Deals

As well as clock faces and call functionality, some smartwatches include GPS for position tracking. This is useful for hands free navigation on the move as well as fitness tracking. There are lots of fitness trackers on the market with GPS but they don’t provide the added functionality of a smart watch. Whilst GPS is no doubt a useful feature on a smartwatch, it is important to note that GPS is generally battery intensive and will drain your smartwatches battery quickly when used.

Smartwatch with Camera Deals

Having a camera built in to your smartwatch allows you to take photos quickly and chat with friends. The camera quality varies depending on how much your willing to spend, but even the cheapest models generally pack at least 1MP into their camera.

Smartwatch with Speaker Deals

Integrated speakers enable you to use voice control to communicate with your smartwatch. This is useful for those wishing to make calls using their smartwatch. On some smartwatches it also allows you to perform other tasks such as audio navigation and voice control.

Smartwatch Key Features

  •  Processor – basic smartwatches have single core processors that struggle to perform multiple tasks at the same time. More advanced smartwatches have dual core or quad core processors that are fast but will drain battery quickly.
  • Screen Resolution – Most smartwatch displays range between 128 x 128 and 320 x 320 pixels.
  • Storage space – bigger storage space allows you to download more apps and add functionality to your smartwatch. Most smartwatches range between 512mb and 1GB of space.