Disney+ delays ‘Andor’ to give the Star Wars series the largest live-action premiere ever on the service

Today, Disney+ released a new trailer for the Star Wars series “Andor,” while also revealing that the premiere will be postponed to September 21 to accommodate a three-episode premiere. So not only will the series be the longest live-action Disney+ season with 12 episodes, it will also be the first time Disney+ has had a live-action premiere that was more than two episodes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi” was the first live-action Star Wars show to premiere with multiple episodes, with two episodes released on May 27. The show was also delayed, making room for the second episode, but only by two days.

The fourth live-action Star Wars series to debut on the platform, “Andor,” was initially slated for an August 31 release, which would have occurred two weeks after the “She-Hulk” August 17 debut. This would have made August 2022 the first month ever to release both a Marvel and Star Wars series on Disney+.

Alas, Disney+ wanted to set a different milestone and compete with its rivals with a longer premiere instead of the typical one-per-week release strategy.

Plus, if “Andor” had kept its August 31 date, the spin-off would have to face intense competition with HBO’s “Game of Thrones” spin-off, “House of the Dragon,” premiering 10 days prior on August 21, along with the September 2 debut of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” on Amazon Prime Video.

The new trailer was full of new footage from the upcoming series.

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