Ford raises F-150 Lightning prices across the board

Ford is raising the price of the F-150 Lightning, with increases ranging from $6,000 to $8,500, depending on the model and trim level. The entry-level “Pro” badged F-150 Lightning will now retail for $46,974, while the top-tier “Platinum Extended Range” version comes in at nearly $100,000.

Ford cites rising costs for materials, as well as “other factors” as the reasons behind the bump, and noted that the increase will only be valid for new orders and will not impact those who have already placed an order for one of the electric pickups and are waiting on delivery of their vehicle. If you had a reservation and were offered an order but declined to make a purchase because the specific trim you were looking for was out of stock, Ford says you’ll get “a private offer for use in upcoming waves.”

Orders have been on hold due to availability and high demand, but Ford says it’s announcing the price hike now in anticipation of reopening the ordering process so that those who have registered their interest with the system will be able to “make an informed decision around ordering a Lightning” — aka decide whether they’re cool forking over more cash.

Ford says that they’ve sold “over 4,400” of the all-electric trucks to date, since they began selling them officially in April this year.

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