Incredible Health CEO talks maintaining company culture through incredible growth

Welcome to the first bonus episode of Found! Typically we get the stories behind the startups but things change rapidly in startups so in the bonus episodes we’re catching up with some past guests to see how founder life is going a year or so later.

In this mini-sode we’re catching up with the very first founder we had on, Iman Abuzeid from Incredible Health which helps nurses get connected to better jobs and career growth opportunities. Since we talked to Iman last, Incredible health has grown to serve nurses in all 25 states with the number of graduate nurses on the platform increasing 200 times. Iman talks with our producer Maggie about learning to lead a company after you’ve achieved product-market fit and are in the process of scaling and how they’re using data collected from the new larger pool of users to improve their product and help to alleviate the burnout many nurses are experiencing.

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