Samsung Galaxy Pro 2 feature a smaller design, improved sound

Galaxy Buds have quietly been a great part of Samsung’s line. It’s a strange thing to say about anything coming from a company that’s generally anything but quiet, but its earbuds have long been among the industry’s best — with little or no fanfare. Perhaps it’s because they tend to be — as is certainly the case today — announced alongside a slew of bigger products.

In fact, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro announcement was tacked onto a press release, sandwiched between two new foldables and some updates on Samsung’s climate efforts. That last bit is due, in part, to the fact that the new earbuds incorporate some 90% recycled materials, according to the company.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The buds themselves are 15% smaller than their predecessors — a rare Samsung product that’s actually getting smaller. The company says the design has also been reengineered to prevent accidental in-ear rotation — a nuisance for those who go for a run with the buds in.

Otherwise, the headline features here are 24-bit audio, via a coaxial two-way speaker, coupled with Samsung’s active noise canceling via a three-mic array. For users with additional Samsung devices, meanwhile, the Buds 2 Pro feature quick switching between Galaxy handsets, tablets and the company’s TVs. They also sport their own Find My competitor in the form of SmartThings Find, which helps locate lost buds.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The buds sport a 61 mAh battery, with 500 mAh on the case. That should give you five hours on a charge (or eight with ANC off) and 20 hours with the case (30 with ANC off). All in all, some slight tweaks, but no particularly exciting updates to Samsung’s already very good buds. They’ll run $229 when they arrive August 26.

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