Spotify’s Soundtrap app for musicians introduces live collaboration and auto save

Spotify’s digital audio workstation (DAW) platform Soundtrap is introducing new features for musicians, including live collaboration, auto-save and comments. The firm said the first two features are under an opt-in beta so artists will have to manually enable these features.

The company is rolling out the comments feature to all users starting today. This will allow people working on a project to leave notes on different parts of the track for remote collaborates. It’s a bit like the Google Docs comments feature for editors.

Image Credits: Spotify

Soundtrap is also introducing two new test features: live collaboration and auto-save. The company noted with a live collaboration function, musicians can work on a project from any device in real-time. The collaborators will have to enable this feature before creating a new project for a music track or a podcast. What’s more, the auto-save options will remove the need for artists working on the project to manually save these changes.

While these features will launch under a public beta today, the company said it plans to launch a stable version later this year. Soundtrap has to manage lags and latency for the real-time collaboration feature so musicians don’t feel out of beat. The platform will compete with other DAWs like Soundation’s Collab Live, which introduced a synchronized collaboration feature in 2020.

Spotify acquired Soundtrap in 2017, and since it has introduced many features like a cloud-based podcast studio and collaborative voice notes for songwriters. Earlier this year, the Sweden-based company launched Soundtrap-powered music streaming in the online platform game Roblox.

Last month, Chris Messina noted Spotify might be testing a feature to bring Soundtrap features to its main app. We have asked the company for a comment on the test, and we’ll update the story if we hear back.

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